Judicial Punishment I

Vittorio Carvelli
based on a story by Combat Bunny
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'Revenge is sweet', and when someone has committed some heinous, foul crime it is natural for most people to want to see the perpetrator of the crime suffer as much, or more than the victim.

Here, in this fantasy of a 'possible future', we see the fate of boys, condemned for the most brutal and cruel of crimes, and punished in the most brutal, cruel and humiliating of ways. 
for a detailed introduction to the 'Judicial Punishment Series' we suggest that you go to...
'Judicial Punishment - Introduction'
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Shane Edwards
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016

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Shane awoke with a really strong but painful erection because, since he had been convicted of rape, he had had a small stainless steel ring inserted into the end of his foreskin which, while still allowing him to urinate, caused him considerable pain if he developed an erection, and made it impossible for him to have sex, or masturbate.
Of course he would have very much liked to have masturbated, and even more he would have liked to have buggered some cute teenage boy, but unfortunately for Shane those days were over - and he was now incarcerated, and in solitary confinement, and this was the fateful day on which he was to be judicially emasculated.
Shane was a young eighteen year old, who had been convicted of raping underage boys, (in one instance, Shane had found the two boys in the locker-rooms at his local leisure center swimming pool, and had brutally raped the naked young lads, at knife-point), and it was not his first offense with boys.
Previously he had sodomized boys he had found in the local recreation areas near his home, and had foolishly killed them, and attempted to dispose of the bodies in nearby rubbish dumps.
The bodies had been subsequently found, and after the incident at the pool, DNA evidence quickly led to his arrest, and subsequent conviction.

Because of the public panic about pedophilia, the law had been drastically changed, and the penalty for the rape of children under the age of sixteen years by persistent offenders was now emasculation and/or death by electrocution. (see 'Judicial Punishment - Introduction').
Shane's situation was compounded by the apparently pointless killing of some of his young victims.
Initially it had been thought that Shane might have some severe psychiatric condition, or personality disorder that would account for his behavior.
Subsequent investigation by psychiatrists and psychologists, however, had revealed no problems, and to everyone's surprise Shane was diagnosed as a perfectly 'stable' young man.
In fact, Shane was not only physically quite attractive, but he was also charming and pleasant - an obvious asset when putting his potential 'victims' at ease, prior to his brutal attacks.
The only factor that could possibly explain Shane's behaviour was the fact that he had been abandoned as a child, and brought up in an orphanage.
There, it seems, he had many early sexual experiences with other boys in the institution, and had, through his access to internet 'porn', developed fantasies of rape and violence.
Once Shane had been arrested and tried, he was sentenced to the full penalty of the law - but that was not clearly 'spelled out' to him at his brief and cursory trial.
Mistakenly thinking he had a choice (Shane was 'normal', but not very bright - despite attending - intermittently - the local College), Shane, not surprisingly, had chosen emasculation, imagining that he would simply undergo an operation under anaesthetic.
And now - in his cell - the door noisily opened, and three prison officers entered.
Get up son, and let's get this done !”, the senior officer said gruffly.
Shane, who had now completely lost his erection, pulled back the rough blanket, to reveal that he was sleeping naked.
He had a well muscled, lean physique, with little body hair apart from a thick tangle of pubic hair at his groin, and tufts of hair in his armpits, and he was sexually very well endowed.
One of the prison officers tossed a pair of white trainers, an orange tracksuit, white socks and a tiny white thong onto the untidy bunk.
The tracksuit, socks and thong were still sealed in their cellophane packets, new, unopened and unused, and the trainers looked equally new.
Despite being new and unworn, all the items would be used only once - and only for a very short time, and then discarded - never to be used again by anyone else.
Get these on quick, boy !”, he ordered, and the prison officers stood back and idly watched as the muscular young man got dressed.
Shane fumbled with the tightly sealed packets, unable to concentrate on what he was doing, so one of the guards, opened up some of the packets, aware that the procedure was scheduled to begin on time, and that Shane was too nervous to concentrate on the task.
Once Shane had finally dressed, one of the prison officers, using a small pair of pliers, removed the ring from Shane's foreskin.
He then quickly snapped handcuffs onto Shane's wrists, and the group of four left the cell, and proceeded down the pale green painted corridor to the punishment chamber.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
Punishment Chamber
The punishment chamber was square, with a white ceiling, pale grey green walls, and a dark red, granite floor.
In the center of the chamber was a complex frame, made of tubular, stainless steel.
Built into the right hand wall of the room was a shelf, on which lay a laptop computer, connected to the device in the centre of the chamber by concealed wires.
The floor of the chamber was very gently sloped toward the front, where there was a long steel drain built into the wall, to facilitate cleaning.
On the same wall, opposite the doors, were dark gray curtains, behind glass, hanging from floor to ceiling which, although Shane did not realize it at the time, covered a large observation window. 
Behind the soundproof window, unknown to Shane, was another room, with cinema style seats in rows which, at that very moment, were filling with official witnesses who were required to attend and watch the sentence being carried out.
Among the witnesses were the parents, and some other relatives of the two boys who had been raped.
(for a fuller description of the punishment chamber go to: 'Judicial Punishment - Introduction').
Shane and the prison officers entered the punishment chamber.
A technician and a doctor were already present, and the technician was busy carefully removing some items of equipment from a steel cabinet, on the rear wall of the punishment chamber.
Shane was already shaking with fear, and looking nervously at the tubular steel frame and the technician's electrical equipment.
Shane had presumed that he would be having a surgical operation, with an anesthetic, probably at a local hospital, so he was obviously surprised and worried to see the room, with its strange metal frame, and the technician with his electrical equipment.
This, of course, was a new method of emasculation that was being introduced, and Shane was one of the first to suffer this new system, which was designed to radically increase the deterrent factor of the punishment for those comitting underage rape. (see 'Judicial Punishment - Introduction').

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Shane and Mark in the Punishment Chamber© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
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Mark Richards
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
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What's goin' on ?”, Shane asked the senior prison officer, his voice high-pitched and wavering.
What's all this stuff here ?”, he continued, nodding towards the technician and the steel frame.
This is to be used to carry out the sentence - but first we have to deal with another prisoner.”, the senior officer replied gently, intending to calm his prisoner.
Shane shook his head, not really comprehending what was about to happen.
Shane then saw another boy, - blonde and fresh faced, and few year older than Shane, enter.
He was to be 'punished', and it had been decided that Shane should watch the procedure.

The boy in question, -called Mark Richards, - had brutally raped and killed a thirteen year old boy - among others.
Previously Mark had sodomized boys he had found when cruising in the woods near his home, on his high powered motorbike.
Mark Richards - 'Cruising' in the Woods
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
Mark was an attractive, and apparently 'normal' boy, and his blond good looks, and his gleaming, powerful bike proved to be an excellent 'bait' to gain the interest of the very kind of boy that he was looking for.
After raping his victims he had then foolishly killed them, by cutting their throats, and hidden the corpses in the undergrowth.
The bodies had been quickly found, and DNA tests at his local College soon led to Mark's arrest, and subsequent conviction.
Like Shane Edwards, Mark had been thoroughly examined by the state psychiatrists and psychologists, and no signs of mental abnormality had been found - therefore the judge, presiding over Mark's case, had simply pronounced that Mark was a thoroughly 'evil' boy, who deserved to suffer the full penalty of the law.

On entering the Punishment Chamber, Mark was wearing a tracksuit, identical to that Shane was wearing.
Mark Richards
Stripped to his Thong 
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
Almost immediately Mark was ordered to strip, and when he had removed the tracksuit, it was revealed that the well muscled lad was wearing underneath just a tiny, white jockstrap, white socks and white trainers - identical to those being worn by Shane.
The prison guards then untied the trainers, and removed them, leaving Mark wearing only a tiny white thong and white socks.
One of the guards was then handed a small pair of scissors, which the technician had taken from the lockable steel cabinet on the wall
The prison guard then cut the sides of Mark's  white thong, at the hip.
Mark Richards - Standing Naked
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
Mark was obviously very shocked as he looked down to see the sides of his thong snipped through by the scissors, and the tiny pouch covering his genitals fall away, revealing his bulky 'equipment'.
Mark, now completely naked, apart from his white socks (equally as new and pristine as Shane's), was then given a cursory examination by the prison doctor.
A prison guard then unlocked Mark's handcuffs, and led the dazed and bemused boy over to the steel contraption set into the floor of the punishment room.
If Mark was at any point going to give and 'trouble', this would be the time, when the restraints of the handcuffs had been removed.
Mark, however had become so 'dissociated' (see below) from what was happening to him that he allowed himself to be meekly led to the machine that would be used to emasculate him.
And so Mark made no attempt to resist, as his arms were strapped into shiny steel restraints round his biceps so that his lower arms still had some freedom of movement.
Mark Richards - Strapped into the Execution Device
and about to ride the electrified dildo
rather than his prized, shiny motorbike
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
His legs, held by steel restraints at the ankles, ended up spread wide, and raised up, like an inverted W, with his crotch fully exposed.
In effect the boy was squatting, with his legs raise and spread, but he was suspended about a meter above the floor.
Like many victims of torture and execution, Mark found it hard to believe what was actually happening to him.
It all seemed like a 'bad dream', and in fact his mind, at this point, was 'disassociating' from the events that were happening to him.
The term dissociation describes a variety of experiences, from mild detachment from immediate surroundings, to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experience. The major characteristic of all dissociative phenomena involves a detachment from reality. Dissociation can be regarded as a coping mechanism, used to master, minimize or tolerate stress.
While the doctor made a  further check on the boy, the technician took a sizable chrome plated, stainless device from the steel cabinet on the rear wall, and connected it to the device on the floor, underneath where Mark was suspended.
He then used four bolts to secure the contraption into four holes in the floor.
The technician then took a black leather pouch from the same steel cabinet.
From the black leather pouch he extracted a short, thick chrome plated steel tube, with a large, smooth knob at one end.
He then slotted the tube into a flexible socket on the top of the electrical device, with the smooth knob uppermost.
The technician then returned to the steel cabinet, and took out a very small, plastic bottle, containing mineral oil, and a small piece of 'shammy' leather.
Moistening the leather with the oil (which was to act as a lubricant, and also an electrical a conductor), he carefully rubbed the oil over the large, chrome plated, steel knob.
He then plugged one end of a lead into a socket in the device, and plugged the other end of the lead into a concealed socked in the floor.
While all this was going on, Mark was looking down, shaking his head, and looking very nervous.
The technician then fastened a steel band round the boy's neck,  and connected it to the white metal box on the floor.
The technician then pressed a button on the machine bolted to the floor, and there was a low hum.
At the rear of the chamber was a set of lights - red, amber and green.
Up until then the green light had been on.
When the humming began, the amber light flickered on, and the green light went off.
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016
Moments later the thick chrome steel tube, which was telescopic, started to rise up.
The boy couldn't see what was happening, but he could guess that the metal rod that he knew had been attached to the mechanism below him was almost certainly rising up, and that eventually it would penetrate him.
Fuck ! - That's a fuckin' dildo aint it ? - An' it's goin' up my 'hole, - aint it ?” the boy groaned looking round helplessly.
And of course Shane, who was watching fascinated, could see that that was exactly what would happen, as the boy's tight anus was completely exposed.
Fuck - no !“ - I don't want it up me !.... It's too fuckin' big !....”, the boy shouted at the technician.
Mark, like Shane, had mistakenly believed that he was to be surgically 'castrated' (neither boy was aware of the difference between the terms 'emasculation' and 'castration'), and had no idea that his punishment would take the initial form of being mechanically sodomized.
One of the prison officers then pushed Mark's hips forward a little so that the large steel knob on the end of the extending rod slid along the boy's shaved arse-crack, and made contact with the unfortunate boy's twitching anus.
Once that had been done, the knob continued rising very slowly, and started to push against Mark's pink, puckered hole.
It was, of course, clearly visible, because that section of the floor was mirrored, so that the video cameras could take close-up shots of Mark being fucked by the steel dildo.
Oh fuck ! - No !.... It's goin' up me !”, Mark grunted, as he felt the big, cold knob push up against him.
Fuck !.. No ! ..... It's opening my 'hole'”, he then shouted, as his ring of anal muscles gradually gave way, and his previously tightly closed hole spread, as the bulky knob slowly disappeared inside him.
Fuckin' shit !.... It's fuckin' bumin' me !” Mark grunted to those in the room, as he tried, quite unsuccessfuly, to writhe up.
The prison officers, and even Shane were grinning, while the doctor was watched calmly as he sat on his stool.
Ok – it's time to open the curtains !” the senior officer ordered.
Oh fuckin' shit - no !....”, Mark pleaded, as a guard pressed a button, and the dark gray curtains, covering one side of the punishment chamber, smoothly opened with a hum, and Mark and Shane could see the wall of bulletproof glass.
The wall of glass, however, was a one way mirror so, while those in the punishment chamber could only see their own reflections, (which was disconcerting enough for the individual who was being punished), they could not see the witnesses seated beyond the glass.
By then the technician had returned to the back of the chamber, and had replaced the now empty black leather pouch, and the 'shammy' and the small bottle of oil in the steel cabinet on the rear wall of the chamber.
Punctiliously, he took out his keys, locked the cabinet, and went over to the shelf where the computer was situated
As he did so, he looked up to check that the warning lights were functioning correctly.
The amber warning light was by then flashing - as it should - meaning that parts of the execution device were 'live', and should not be touched by the members of the staff.
Oh fuckin' shit !” Mark groaned, realizing that he was being observed, and his arms, which were only restrained at the biceps, moved together, and his hands tried to cover his 'pubes' and his 'privates'.
He could not, however, make any attempt to conceal the thick steel rod which was penetrating his now horribly stretched anus.
Fuck ! The fuckin' cunts can see my fuckin' arse-hole !”, Mark grunted to himself, as he squirmed uncomfortably on the frame.
Then the one thing happened that he didn't want to happen.
Mark started to get an erection.
Oh shit ! I'm getting a fuckin' hard-on !”, Mark grunted – presumably to himself - as he looked down and saw his heavy penis starting to lengthen and swell.
At first he tried to hide it, but that made it look even worse, because it looked like he was 'playing with himself' – masturbating – so he just let his arms hang limply, and tried to pretend that nothing was happening.
At that point, of course, his erection was quite weak.
His penis was long and swollen, and hanging at a slight angle, but was by no means fully erect.
Then the technician made some adjustments to the computer, and the thick steel rod, which was by then some distance inside Mark's rectum, started to vibrate and move up and down.
Oh no !...Shit !.... It's fuckin' me !....”, the naked boy groaned, as he looked down, trying to see what was happening between his legs.
As soon as the steel shaft started moving in his rectum, Mark started to get really 'aroused', and Shane, could not help but stare at the naked boy's hairy crotch, where his thick penis slowly lengthened and raised itself up in a series of obscene jerks.
Oh fuckin' shit !... I'm gettin' really hard !” Mark grunted, as he watched wide-eyed as his horribly twitching 'tool' gradually swelled, stiffened, and became erect.
Also, being 'un-cut', Mark's foreskin gradually slipped back, revealing his bulging, gleaming 'cock-head'.
At that moment, Mark was so aroused by having the steel shaft pumping up and down in his rectum, that all could think of was 'having a fuck', or at second best, 'having a wank'.
He knew he would never fuck again - (and in fact he was being fucked, rather than fucking someone else), but his hands were free, and he desperately needed to relieve his huge erection, so the only thing he could do was masturbate - hopefully to an orgasm.
Almost without realizing it, and ignoring the officials, and the presumed spectators, Mark grabbed at his huge 'tool' that was waving about obscenely - and almost vertically - between his legs.
Frantically he held onto the foreskin, which was already partly pulled back, exposing about half of his huge glistening glans, and started pulling on it.
Oh fuck ! - I'm tossin' off !“, he mumbled quietly to himself, unable to really believe what was happening, as he started working furiously on his huge, engorged 'member'.
Despite the fact that Mark was being 'punished', humiliated - and would later be completely emasculated, and then executed, all he wanted, at that moment, was to 'cum'.
(In fact, later, he would 'cum' with such a vengeance that he would subsequently regret wanking so enthusiastically).
While Mark's right hand vigorously and repeatedly pulled his foreskin up and down over his glans, (and in time to the thrusts of the steel dildo) his left hand played with his bulging, shaved scrotum, and fingered his twitching, bulging, firm perineum, in a vulgar attempt to make himself even more aroused.
By then, with each thrust of the steel dildo, Mark, who by then could only think of 'cumming', groaned, although it was not clear if it was because he was experiencing pleasurable or painful feelings.
Don't throw the switch 'till I've fuckin' cum !” he pleaded to the senior officer, as he jerked and writhed on the metal frame as he desperately tried to give himself a final orgasm.
Once it was obvious that the boy was going to work himself to a 'climax', the technician adjusted the computerized controls.
Immediately the metal shaft became electrified, passing a mild current into the wriggling, naked boy's badly stretched anus .
Oh Shit !.... My fuckin' arse-hole !”, Mark grunted, as he tried to take the shock, which traveled through his rectum to his prostate.
He then started 'squeaking' rather pathetically as the rhythmic shocks, which were timed to the accelerating thrusts of the metal shaft made him even more excited.
Fuck !........... Fuck !........... Fuck !...........,” Mark squeaked, with each thrust from the thick, electrified metal shaft which was repeatedly ramming into his rectum and up against his prostate.
Time, however, was running out for the 'horny' young lad as he rapidly appeared to be approaching his last ever orgasm.
Shit...guys ! I'm nearly there !”, he groaned, as he grabbed at his bulging balls, squeezing them as if that would force his spunk out of his penis.
Seeing the boy fast approaching his 'climax', the technician made a few adjustments to the computer controls, sending an electrical current into the metal collar round the boy's neck, and 'cranking up' the voltage being delivered to the metal 'shaft' jerking in boy's rectum.
At that point the amber light, at the rear of the chamber, switched off, and the red light came on.
Instantly Mark's staring eyes bulged, and his mouth opened wide, as he grimaced with both pain and the pleasure, as the electrical stimulation reached down through his guts to his prostate, and up from his twitching, stretched anus to his squirming testicles and rectum.
Oh shit ! …. This is fuckin' it !”, Mark moaned, as his fist pumped frantically at his unbelievably stiff, engorged penis, - feeling himself passing the point of no return.
FUCK !”, he then squealed, pulling frantically with one hand at his glans (the 'head' of his penis), while pulling with his other hand at his writhing testicles, as his sweaty, gleaming 'six-pack' went taught, and he squirted out his first, huge spurt of semen.
As the creamy gobs of 'seed' dropped back onto his sweaty, twitching belly, the senior prison officers nodded to the technician, who then hit the fatal button.
Instantly a strong current surged through the metal bands on Mark's ankles, biceps, neck, and the 'shaft' in his rectum.
Fuckin' CUNT !”, the poor boy screamed, as his hands instantly let go of his 'privates', became fists, and jerked up to his shoulders as the rhythmic current put his biceps into spasms.
At the same time his toes curled, his thigh, belly and chest muscles went taught, and his face grimaced horribly.
Even while this was happening, the stark naked boy continued to ejaculate, with his huge, erect 'tool' now free to wave about, as his thick, creamy seed gushed out in repeated spurts.
Cunt !.... I'm fucked !...”, Mark groaned, as he looked down, with staring eyes at his jerking, sweat-soaked naked body, and his massively engorged and heavily veined penis, which was spewing out thick ropes of creamy semen.
The rhythmic surges of the current considerably strengthened the muscular contractions in his anus and perineum, jetting his semen right up into his face, and splattering his hot spunk into his gaping mouth.
Fuck !”, Mark spluttered, spitting spunk, as his naked body, dripping with sweat and semen, repeatedly and noisily jerked on the metal frame.
Then, as his orgasm began to subside, the hair on his head, and his pubic 'bush' began to smoke, and there was a smell of burning flesh from his biceps, ankles, neck and his anus.
At that point some of the spectators quietly got up and left the observation room, obviously sickened by the sight of the naked, ejaculating boy being sodomized and electrocuted.
Mark continued to jerk obscenely on the metal frame, oblivious that his audience was finding it difficult to watch his final agony.
Moments later, first his right eye, and then his left eye popped out of their sockets, and lolled on his cheeks.
Fuck ! …. I can't fuckin' see ! … I'm fuckin' blind !”, Mark wailed, as he desperately tried to resist the muscular contractions that were tearing his body apart.
Then, as his charred eyeballs fell onto the floor, his crotch started burning, and blood started to dribble from his nose, ears and mouth.
Mark's scrotum then swelled up enormously as his testicles boiled and turned to steam.
"Fuck !..... My bollocks !......" Marc squealed.
Then the hugely bloated 'ballbag' noisily burst, splitting neatly down the central seam, and the steaming pulp that had once been his testicles, dribbled out onto the floor.
Moments later smoke came from his empty eye-sockets.
Amazingly Mark was still alive, despite the huge current burning up and surging through his body, although all the naked boy could do by then was scream as his internal organs began to 'cook'.
Then Mark went into noisy convulsions as he vomited blood, and sprayed steaming urine uncontrollably from his now tiny, limp, but horribly twitching little penis.
A few moments later Mark's body slumped down on the frame, and he appeared to be dead, although his hands and toes were still jerking spasmodically.
The green light at the rear of the chamber then lighted up - once again - indicating that it was safe to touch the frame and the smouldering victim.
At the same time the machine stopped sodomizing the naked boy.
The doctor, seeing the green light, went over to the motionless boy – (who was by then, technically a eunuch, as the mush that had been his testicles was splattered over the floor of the chamber) -, and tested for a heartbeat with his stethoscope.
Remarkably, Mark's heart was still beating.
One more - at full voltage.”, the doctor told the technician curtly.
The technician touched the control, and the red light started flashing, and the chrome rod once again pounded what was left of his rectum.
Mark's naked, smoking body seemingly came to life once again, grunting and jerking up like a puppet, and twitching and urinating again for a few seconds.
Then the power and the pounding stopped, and the green light came on again.
The doctor checked again with his stethoscope.
I pronounce Mark Richards castrated and dead.”, he said,coldly.
Immediately the dark gray curtains closed with a hum.
Two cleaners then entered the execution chamber, while the technician, and an assistant who had also arrived in the room put on plastic aprons and rubber gloves, and set about the task of removing young Richard's naked smoking corpse from the metal frame.
Firstly the metal shaft was detached from the metal box on the floor of the chamber.
It remained poking out of the anus of the corpse because it was very deeply embedded. 
The box on the floor was then removed, and a large transparent perspex bowl was put in it's place.
Then the metal shaft was pulled from the anus of the corpse.
Immediately Mark's corpse noisily farted, as steaming excrement and burnt guts gushed from the naked boy's gaping anus, filling the bowl below.
Mark's naked, burnt corpse, wearing only white socks, was then detached from the metal cuffs at the ankles, biceps and neck, and was dragged across the floor, by the two cleaners, and thrown down a waste-disposal chute to receive a post mortem, and then be consigned to the crematorium.
The cleaners then swabbed down the floor, cleaning away the blood, semen, urine, sweat and burnt material.
A quick polish of the metal frame was then all that was needed to make the equipment ready for Shane.
© copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2016

To continue the story continues go to Judicial Punishment II by following the link below..

This story - one of three, was written a number of years ago, and was published on Scribd (which at that time was free for all users).
As Scribsd is not that well known, the response was not very encouraging.
The stories are now being posted on this blog - and negotiations are underway, with Vittorio Carvelli, to provide full size color images to illustrate the story.

LATEST - Vittorio has agreed to provide some images - Two portraits have been uploaded today - 24th September 2016


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    1. Translated into English ....'Fantastic story !'
      Many thanks.
      Originally it was by 'Combat Bunny', but I have 'tweaked' it to make it a little more interesting.
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  2. Very good but Mark's position in the chair might be improved by having his wrists, and neck collar in a metal "yoke" so that his penis and balls were fully exposed for all to see. Just my opinion

    1. Many thanks for your comment.
      In creating the images for such stories (which is difficult and time consuming - and more are planned) - it is sometimes a good thing to take things slowly, and build anticipation.
      Later in the torture and execution process Mark becomes highly aroused, and masturbates.
      Even later, when the electrical current is dramatically increased, his biceps cramp and permanently flex, and he involuntarily exposes what's left of his genitals in his final moments.
      So eventually everything is exposed - so it's a bit like a S&M 'strip show'....
      Hopefully, I will find the time to complete the other images soon.